Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I’m asked a lot of questions about staging and how I work. See below for some of my most common questions and responses, but please feel free to call and ask more. I would love to hear from you!

  • Why hire a home stager?

    Firstly, let’s look to survey results for this one: A 2019 study by the National Association of Realtors confirmed that more than 83% of home buyers find it easier to visualise the property as their future home when it’s staged. Also, pre-listed staged homes spend 90 percent less time on the market than their non-staged competition.
    That’s very powerful incentive!

    Secondly, 93% of people begin their search online. This means stunning photos are the drawing card to lure large numbers of buyers to your door. But it doesn’t stop there; during their visit, beautifully presented property will encourage buyers to linger and visually move themselves in. And, when they leave, they will remember the stand-out property. So, this is a winning formula for you. More people drawn in through images, they stay longer, they favourably remember your home – resulting in more likelihood of competition driving up the price and reducing time on the market.

  • What sets you apart from other stagers?

    While there are many amazing stagers out there, I believe my hands-on property experience and true understanding of what buyers want, sets me apart. I walk into every home with the mind of a buyer, and stage accordingly. I enhance the best parts of the home and draw attention away from the less desirable areas. I treat every job like it’s my only job and succeed in working with individual client’s budget and time frame. I am flexible and don’t work to a narrow timeline – I keep working until your home is perfect!

  • When is the best time to hire a home stager?

    The best time to give me a call is before you list your property. First impressions are everything in real estate, and while you can call me once your property is listed, you risk the chance of losing potential buyers that won't come back after you've staged.

    Also, if you’re the homeowner, I can work with you and your real estate agent in choosing décor to most accurately reflect the target market you’re aiming at.

  • How much does home staging cost?

    Guarantee: I am both competitive in my pricing and provide high quality home staging services. In all cases I work with you to create a pricing plan to suit your budget and do not put a time limit on the work I do for you – I finish when I am satisfied that I have a perfect result.

    iTransform Homes delivers high quality staging at an affordable price.

    Staging Price Estimates – tailored to each client and dependent on work scope (GST Inclusive).

    Scope: $FREE For booked work
    Consultation: $115.00 / hour Full Property Presentation consult / no work booked
    Decluttering: $690.00 - $1380.00 Includes consult, declutter
    Partial Staging: $920.00 - $1840.00 Includes consult, partial/blended stage, hire period, un-stage
    Full Staging: $1380.00 - $2600.00 Includes consult, full stage, hire period and un-stage


    No one size house fee fits all. You will understand that this really depends on the size, location, levels and style of your home. I have staged everything from one-bedroom apartments to six-bedroom homes. Tiny rooms to massive rooms. There is no job too big or too small for staging. However, pricing does vary the more items I need to bring in and out of the property. For the most part I like to stage the following: Living room, lounge, dining room, kitchen, study, master bedroom and bathrooms. It's best to give me a call for an estimate, let me see the property and then I will give you a firm quote on what I think would work best. From first phone call to final staging, this is a very fast process.

  • Would you explain the process of staging a property?

    Most clients contact me to make arrangements in advance. This is ideal. The earlier the notice, the sooner I can lock in dates and ensure best furniture fit for your property. At peak times I can be fully booked 2 weeks in advance.

    1. Call me and I’ll give an over-the-phone estimate based on home size and number of rooms
    2. At an agreed day and time I’ll visit your property and meet with you and/or your agent. We will walk through and develop a targeted staging plan
    3. I will email you my proposal, written quote and terms and conditions of trade
    4. On quote acceptance we will set a timeline and arrange property access
    5. I book professional furniture carriers to pick-up and deliver furniture
    6. Invoicing and payment occur prior to staging commencing

    Staging takes place
    7. Staging commences and concludes when photo ready

    Conclusion – end of contracted staging period
    8. 5 working days before contract end, you contact me and ask for either a) staging extension or b) staging removal
    9. Staging is removed with 5 working days’ notice

  • How long does it take to stage a house?

    I ask for two days so I can deliver perfection before speed. Day 1 allows for professional furniture carriers to deliver at a time to suit their schedule. On Day 2, I stage. I usually like to start in the morning and be done by the end of day. However, I can accommodate 1 day staging if booked early enough.

  • Is it important to depersonalise and stay neutral in décor?

    Not always but sometimes – property dependent! According to top Stagers around the world, it is no longer enough to appeal to buyers with the traditional neutral style of staging used to date. It is critical to differentiate each property from another on the market and create a unique look and personality. iTransform Homes has taken this on board and makes sure each staging project speaks to the properties individual selling points and style.

  • Does your pricing include hire of the furniture?

    Yes, all of my prices include the upfront staging costs plus whatever term agreed for furniture rental. The majority of properties sell within four to six weeks. For those few properties that take a little longer, we can negotiate a longer rental upfront or charge an extension fee after the initial agreed period expires.

  • Do I need to be at the property when you are working?

    No, I only require that you and/or your authorised real estate agent are present for the initial consultation so I can gather the necessary background information to effectively stage your property.

  • What shape does the home need to be in to be staged?

    Staging is the step right before photography. So, all renovation, cleaning and moving needs to be done prior to me coming in and staging.

  • Do you use your inventory to stage homes that are occupied?

    Yes. I work with the home owners to de-clutter and re-arrange what they already have in their home. I also any additional items they might need to make the home look enticing to buyers. Again, this should be done before the home is listed.

    NOTE: Occupied home staging is conditional and dependent on household activity i.e. pets, small children may be too much of a risk and a worry for the homeowner. If in doubt, call and ask.

  • We just bought a new home. Will you help us purchase furniture?

    Absolutely! I am constantly purchasing new inventory for myself and am closely connected with local furniture and design retailers. I often take clients shopping, or shop for them, as they create their new dream home.

  • Once under offer or sold, how much notice do you need to remove the staging?

    A caution here. If you can, keep the staging until your sale has confirmed.

    Five working days’ notice is required to request either a) contract extension or b) removal of furniture. It’s best to keep your property staged until the sale is confirmed. This is to ensure the sale is completed. I have had occasions where clients have elected to remove the staging, then, when the sale has fallen through they want to keep it staged. Most times it is too late as the staging is committed elsewhere following initial notification of removal.

  • Is it safe to stage my property while we still have Covid-19 (Coronavirus) active in our communities?

    iTransform Homes offers additional peace of mind when staging your property during these uncertain times. We are committed to safe practices in accordance with Government Guidelines as we move through each Alert Level.

    The following initiatives are now in place.

    Alert Level 4: No staging possible.

    Alert Level 3: Staging is allowed within parameters set out by Government.
    Alert Level 2: Staging is allowed within parameters set out by Government.
    Alert Level 1: Staging is allowed within parameters set out by Government.

    Actions under Alert Levels 3, 2 and 1
    1. Remote consultations if desired by clients
    2. Physical distancing at all time during on-site meetings
    3. Regular hand washing and good hygiene practices
    4. Sanitising of all hard surfaces such as door handles, light switches and hand rails, on exiting the property.
    5. Keeping track of people that enter the property during the staging process
    6. Prohibiting staff with any symptoms of illness from attending work